Sir Fur makes me feel
safe and cared for.

My groomer is purr–fect. She understands me.

Sir Fur gives our humans more time and we are pretty and pampered.

About Us

Our groomers are tops in their field, and they love making your life easier while they pamper your pets!

The Sir Fur Story

As with most locally owned businesses Sir Fur™ Mobile Pet Grooming was founded because there was a need for it. Sir Fur™ realized there was a special group of pet lovers who were being underserved in the Austin area. We originally launched our mobile pet grooming service for the sight, hearing, and physically impaired who could not easily transport their pets to the groomer. Once our vans were seen in neighborhoods around Austin, we began receiving knocks on our van door and calls to our office and the rest is history. Our original grooming center has been retired, replaced by a fleet of the most advanced mobile grooming centers offered. We are proud to be an environmentally  safe company from our top of the line vans to our grooming products. Our life’s work is caring for  animals. We treat your furry friends as we treat our own and feel it is an honor to do so.

About OUr Groomers

We have a saying at Sir Fur™: “it is a bonus that we get paid to do what we love” and that is just how our groomers approach each day.  With over 30 years of experience in pet care we take pride in our craft. Whether you are looking for a specialty clip or just a good bath, we will deliver each time.  Your pet’s welfare is always our first priority, and each of our groomers has that “little something extra” that allows them to read your pet’s temperament so they can adapt their approach to reduce any stress. Our high standards, top of the line grooming centers, and happy employees ensure that your dog or cat will receive the best care and clip in the business.

My 12 year old retriever loves Sir Fur , she acts like a puppy again, they are so sweet with her. I always worried about her when she was at the groomers for hours, now she is done in about an hour and ready for another nap.


Training, Boarding, and More at our Sister company Exmoor

Our sister company, Exmoor Pet Services, offers a complete experience for your pet including training, pet hotel , daycare, kitty hotel, grooming, massage, and more. Click here to visit the Exmoor web site!

Even though I am a rancher, herding my cats to get to the groomer is not something I look forward to. We just call  Sir Fur and they take care of all four of them.


We are located in Hays County. Please send all written communication to :

Sir Fur Mobile Pet Grooming
c/o Road Works LLC
P.O. Box 150969
Austin, TX 78715