Welcome to the Love Month!

Our pet loving hearts go out to all of you.

It is our one to one conversation with Groomer and Client that gives us the details about the pet, hair experience, and behavior issues. In our company, the person signing the agreement is the only person we are taking information and instructions from for the visit. Variety is the spice of life, but we can’t possibly know how to please everyone.

If a client chooses to stay in the van, be aware that you may get wet, covered with dog hair, and might need to work in tandem for safe practices with the Groomer.

Due to the amount of elderly and rescue pets, we have established some guidelines to help these pets get through the groom.

Many dogs are not used to having water, brushing, standing on a table or laying down, ears wiped, anals pushed, and finished with a drying fan.

During the 90 degree temps, we are trying to keep any dog from overheating.
Therefore, we set our water temperature to lukewarm. The Dogs normal temperature is 101-102. Naturally to us at
98.6, several degrees cooler and without a fur coat, we rarely think of these guidelines. To us they are essential.

If the dog is paw gripping the ground or table, it is difficult to lift a foot up to get a clip. We might need to return on another day to clip or smooth the nails. Rescue pets sometimes will require several visits to piece together a total package.

Many of our clients are aware of this and join us for the safety and well being of the dog.

Ears that we wipe out with a Veterinary bottled solution called Nolvasan, may have enough dirt that the Groomer should not pull any hair out. One it may create an opening for infection and two, may cause the pet to be frightened even further. We do not flush out ears.

Anals we gentley push while they are in the tub. We do not express anal glands internally. Anal glands can produce a sour odor.

Not all furminators are alike! The De Shed solution may loosen the hair in the tub and by the time the dog is dry, there is very little left while the Furminator tool is in use. Hair grows are different times. Once the Undercoat is loosened, a new round of hair will start the shed process. This can happen in the Texas area about 4-6 times a year!

We thank all of our clients who know this, and have made automatic appointments every other month to keep the de shed process to a minimum. I know that vacuum cleaner bags can get expensive!

By Veterinary state law, we cannot perform dental oral cleaning. However, we can use some wonderful wipe products.
We have a rinse spray, a dental wipe, and a gel. Again, hard and semi soft bacteria from the gums can lead to an infection. Our goal is topical only.

To our customers who have had us come out regularly for their rescue pets to ease them into the routine, we thank you! You know it is like the first day of school. We want this to be a beginning of the loving start of a clean pet experience.

Posted in News on 02/01/2015

Coat Care for White Dogs and Cats

We would like to remind you that the White dogs and cats with pink skin need constant coat care.

Frankly, this is the most sensitive combination for grooms, trims, and shaves.

These special sir fur pet babies take additional time, care, equipment, and shampoo.

Almost albino in nature, unless they have some coloration, we would like to educate and remind you not to let them get those tiny hair knots. At home, use a rubber soft brush so they don’t matt!

Posted in Pet Care Tips on 10/07/2014

In Between Grooms

Frequently we are asked how often a pet should be groomed.  Simply put there is no pat answer. With thousands of breeds and mixes it is hard to say… but beyond the “dirty dog smell” or finding “hairballs,” check to see if your pet has mats, is constantly shedding, scratching, licking, or is doing the dreaded “scooching” across the floor. When your pet just needs a little fluff up, SIR FUR™ sells “soapless” shampoos” for both dogs and cats.

A couple of things to remember . . .

Cats cannot tolerate some ingredients in dog shampoo. Remember that there are specific products for our feline friends.

If your dog is in the pool make sure to wash the chlorine off to avoid skin irritations and a dull coat.

Keep the hair around the eyes trimmed—the better to see you with and brush often for a shiny and healthy coat.

Trimming your dog’s nails helps keep the toes and bones on the feet healthy.

The fluffier the furs on a cat the more likely it is to mat. Comb your short and longhair with a metal comb and soft rubber brush on a regular basis.

BUT MY CARPET IS CLEAN! Believe it or not floors are cleaner than carpets. Carpets hold dust that collects on your pet’s coat. To prevent build up, vacuum frequently, brush your pet often, and make an appointment with SIR FUR™ on a regular basis.


Posted in Pet Care Tips on 08/29/2012